Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Björn Falk born 1956 and residing in the UK, has an BSc degree in economics and  more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry. He is and has been active internationally for many years by operating and founding companies in different types of asset management.

Member of the board and CEO

Josef Bari born 1982 and residing in Stockholm. Has an MBA degree from Regents University in London. Has for many years been working with advice to wealthy individuals and has been establishing several companies including Vaneo Capital AB. is currently CEO of Vaneo Capital AB.

Member of the board

Mats Caneman born 1950 holds a Master of Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. Has worked for 8 years for 2 Japanese companies C. Itoh & Co and Sony with sales and marketing to the Nordic region. Also active in Egmont video distribution in the Nordics for 8 years.

Mats has also been responsible for Walt Disney Co’s operations in the Nordic region for 25 years.
From 2017 in-house asset management including investments in several start-up companies.

Member of the board

Anders Jemt is born in 1949 and lives in Stockholm.  He has a law degree and an economics degree from Uppsala University.  Anders has many years of solid experience of efficiency, organisational and leadership development, both nationally and internationally. 

Anders currently has several board assignments and is active as consultant for several companies.