About us

About Us

A long-term creation of value With high internal competence, we ensure that we invest in companies with sustainable competitive advantages, which generate strong growth over time and high profitability. Our overall goal is to generate profit for our shareholders through an optimized investment portfolio and long-term relationships. We take into account where you are today and where you are going. Management of growing capital We want to understand you and by working on our values ​​to create long-term relationships, our interest goes in symbiosis with the interests of our investors. Our business is not based on turnover fees, rather it is based on managing only growing capital. The confidence our investors have earned us convinces us that we will continue to grow. Global investment portfolio Vaneo Capital AB is a Swedish management company with headquarters in Stockholm as well as offices in London. We work on the basis of a global investment portfolio, which results in our investors getting a spread of their shares and other securities. It is a security to obtain a global portfolio and we value that highly. Such a portfolio is adapted to the market situation with a strategy where we utilize the long cyclical market economy events that shape the benchmark in the market.

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Ethical rules for Vaneo Capital AB An important part of our work is that the companies Vaneo Capital AB invests in will operate within the framework of the rules we have regarding ethics and morals. Ethical rules    

Asset Management Team

Chairman of the Board & responsible for the Asset Management

Björn Falk born 1956 and residing in the UK, has an BSc degree in economics and  more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry. He is and has been active internationally for many years by operating and founding companies in different types of asset management.

Board of Director and CEO

Josef Bari born 1982 and residing in Stockholm. Has an MBA degree from Regents University in London. Has for many years been working with advice to wealthy individuals and has been establishing several companies including Vaneo Capital AB. is currently CEO of Vaneo Capital AB.

Portfolio Manager

Richard Falk  joined Vaneo Capital AB as a trainee in portfolio management in the spring of 2017. Richard has been living in the UK for many years and is currently active in the company’s portfolio management in the London office.

Other employees

Business Director

Per Henrik Stjernström has a solid experience as sales manager within the Insurance brokerage and related financial services. He has founded and managed several brokerages and tied agencies


Kennet Johansson is active within the marketing of all events within the company. He has many years of experience in the financial industry with similar tasks.

Mikael Söderström has solid experience in trading shares, currencies, indices and commodities. He has studied technical and fundamental analysis and also held leading positions and run his own companies within both advertising and marketing.